Hero Stories


The fabric of Gaylord’s 120-year history is woven from countless stories of the patients we’ve cared for, their loved ones, the community, and our family of employees – past and present.

We want to know your  favorite Gaylord stories and learn why Gaylord holds a special place in your life. Share with us the moments, memories, and pictures that define what Gaylord means to you.

Colleen Kelly Alexander

I was an inpatient at Gaylord in 2012, to me, Gaylord means LIFE, HOPE, GRACE, and family.

Garrett Mendez

Gaylord saw me as the athlete I was and helped me recover. I will never be able to thank them enough for all they have done for me.

Majory Palladino

I spent 28 years working at Gaylord. I always felt a part of the Gaylord family. Many of my colleagues remained friends over the years.

Karen DelChiaro

Gaylord has been a blessing to our family. Gaylord gave my daughters and me the best gift: comfort in knowing he had the best care.

Joe Flanagan

When you have people who care like they do, it truly makes a difference both mentally and physically.

Megan Panico

From a patient who needed support to achieve her young dreams to a doctor who is inspired by my patients on a daily basis.

Edie Sletner

Gaylord is in it to win it for patients and families, making the most of how the patients can live the rest of their lives.

Sam Chauncey

In today's modern health care world there are few like Gaylord, each person who has worked there should be proud.

Greg Whitehouse

Gaylord is a place of hope, made me look forward to the future and realize what a great gift every day is.

Nancy Gennett

Gaylord is the place I began my career, from occupational therapy student to director.

James McDougall

Gaylord altered my life permanently. I'm a more caring loving man, after I retired I volunteered there.

Vincent Zelinsky

Gaylord truly helped me to "Think Possible". Gaylord brought the expertise to get me back to my life!